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Anti-counterfeiting Technology

Transpring develops anti-counterfeiting Technology to fight counterfeits and solve counterfeits problem. Anti-counterfeiting Technology utilizes encryption technology to distinguish authentic products from counterfeits.
Anti-counterfeiting Technology

Anti-counterfeiting Technology

Anti-counterfeiting Technology utilizes the encryption technology to achieve anti-counterfeiting. The genuine atomizer is distinguished according to the internal data of the atomizer. It is also possible to enhance the anti-decryption capability by embedding a smart chip with an encryption algorithm.

The built-in chip installed in Transpring vape cartridge and battery can read and identify the data sent to each other,which can distinguish Transpring vape device from others.

Key Features

Key Features

Build up your own brand image

Avoid commercial risk

Identify the authenticity of Transpring’s products

Avoid shoddy and fake products

Conducive to building a reliable brand

Effective anti-counterfeiting solutions to protect brand

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