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New Product Release- Transpring A11 Kit, a Small-yet-powerful Vape Pen Kit for You


To meet huge market demand from regular and new customers, Transpring has released a small-yet-powerful vape pen kit A11 recently.

A11 Kit is the first Transpring product that comes with a .3ml tank and a constant power battery. It's a draw activated pen kit and goes full-on screw-and-play and saves you much time for fun. After it was launched, it drew people's attention immediately and it's selling very well right now. If you're looking for an ultimate cool discreet vape pen kit, A11 kit is your thing. 

Transpring puts heavy investment (20% of the annual profit) every year on research and development of new products, and we also have an experienced R&D team with a professional background, which gives us the strong ability of independent development.

The R&D team has successfully developed Transpring exclusive ceramic heating core, glass tank, and stainless steel connecting rod by the cooperation with some universities in China on advanced materials application for vaping devices. Transpring has yielded fruitful outcomes on technological innovations.
Here we are going to bring you four new products released recently, representing the Transpring’s effort on developing new products.
A11 Cartridge and L20 Battery


A11 Cartridge and L20 Battery are both designed for easy carrying. Slim body, yet powerful potency.

Product Features
► Slim and fashionable appearance
► Pure flavor, large vapor
► Efficient burning, stable performance
► High-quality rechargeable battery
► Stable and efficient performance
► Dual protection chips, multiple safety protections

Product Specification
► A11 Cartridge
► Tank volume: 0.3ml
► Resistance: 1.2/1.6Ω
► Aperture: 1.2/1.6mm
► L20 Battery
► Battery capacity: 130mAh
► Load resistance: 1.0-3.0Ω
► Output voltage: 3.3V
* We recommend matching A11 Cartridge with L20 Battery to use for the best performance.

This is the vape pen for you if you're looking for things as below,
►  Slim and fashionable appearance
► Ceramics & Ni-Cr heating core
► Pure flavor, large vapor
► Efficient burning, stable performance
► Upgraded sealing design
► Medical-grade Pyrex glass adopted
► Inhalation-activated vaping mode
► LED lights for notification
► High-quality rechargeable battery
► Long-lasting battery life
► Stable and efficient performance
► Dual protection chips, multiple safety protections

Looking for something that don't comes with for this vape pen kit, leave us a comment and we really appreciate your feedback and will get right back to you with a solution. Reach out to us via